School Improvement Program

Our 3-year leadership development program for schools in challenging communities to improve educational outcomes.

How our program works

The Fogarty EDvance School Improvement Program focuses on building the capacity of school leadership teams to make informed evidence-based decisions, strategically plan and ultimately, improve student outcomes.

Proven strategies

We use a holistic model for transforming school leadership and utilise tested research from Australia and across the globe – known as the ‘School Transformation Framework’. That way, schools can be sure they have both the ‘big picture’ and the detail, based on strategies that are already proven to work.

These include whole-school approaches to teaching and learning based on research, and understanding the experience of all stakeholders in their communities.

We give schools support

Enhanced Strategic Planning – help leaders turn theory into action

Building Culture & Leadership: Through changes in leadership, school teams develop skills and strategies to influence school culture.

Enhanced Strategic Planning: School leadership teams design, implement and evaluate ambitious yet realistic school improvement plans.

Make a real difference

Through my active involvement in the program I have developed a much wider network of colleagues to promoting evidence based school improvement and sharing best practice teaching and learning, with the ultimate aim of improving the life chances of ALL students across our system.

Anika Blackmore Principal of Balga Primary

How our program differs

We know that once-off PD can provide some great ideas.  But we also know that once leaders are back in the day-to-day running of school it’s easy to lose the momentum to turn new ideas into action.

That’s why we’ve structured our program differently.

We work within each school’s context

We recognise the unique context of each school and help them design an ambitious but realistic improvement plan so they can make the changes at the right time for their school.

We’re there from start to end

The program runs for 3 years with mentoring and support from our team for the entire program.  Cohort peers face similar challenges – leaders will develop relationships that will continue to support the strategic direction of the school.

We use experienced mentors

Our mentors are highly regarded past principals and education leaders who work directly with the leadership team for the full 3 years of the program.

We provide support to build a rich school data set

Data is collected and used to inform ongoing strategic planning that can target and track improvements in key areas that have an impact on student outcomes (such as teaching, learning and leadership practice)

We use a holistic model of school leadership and utilise tested research

This includes access to experts across education and business that can be utilised as part of the Program, and inform the strategic direction of the school.

We focus on organisational health

A core component of our program is the idea that a school’s culture (or organisational health) drives the performance of student outcomes. In other words, a ‘healthy school’ where people work well together, will often result in improved student outcomes.

For more information, see our latest recruitment brochure.

Get involved with our School Improvement Program

The Fogarty EDvance (School Improvement) Program is provided by the Fogarty Foundation and is financially supported by the Western Australian Government through the Department of Education, and by Catholic Education Western Australia

Impact Snapshot

To see the impact of our program view our Impact Report for Cohort 5