Pivot PL – Free trial using the PivotPL tool for student feedback

EDvance have limited places for EDvance schools to trial the Pivot feedback tool for 5 staff, for free. If you would like to be considered for spot in the trial, please contact Caitlyn via email: Caitlyn.Fogarty@fogartyfoundation.org.au

The Staff at Middle Swan Primary School participated in a trial of the Pivot tool, used to gather student feedback to inform teacher practice. Here is what Alix Davies, Deputy Principal had to say about it:

“We trialled PIVOT and the teachers were most impressed. It was so easy to implement the surveys. It was a little more time consuming with the younger students, as we had the Education Assistants verbally ask questions and then input student responses directly onto the iPad.

One teacher has already gone through the survey results with her students and another is planning to do so. All teachers feel it was worthwhile and gave them food for thought.

Cleo (from Pivot PL) forwarded us a PowerPoint made by another school which helped us to pre-teach vocabulary and support students better understanding of the questions. As pointed out by one teacher, it’s what you do with the data where the real learning and insights are gained, so it depends upon the level of professional engagement each teacher brings to the process.

We also liked the fact that you could request teachers to come and do peer observations for you or for you to observe them. It also enables the recording of goals.”

Visit the PivotPL website to learn more

Contact Caitlyn for your free trial Caitlyn.Fogarty@fogartyfoundation.org.au


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