Read hot topic articles about: Trauma Informed practices in Action… as well as an Effective Reading Instruction paper which specifically references teaching reading to students from low SES backgrounds….

Trauma Informed Practice in Action

Educator Rebecca Harris explains why trauma informed practice in education benefits everyone, sharing classroom tools and strategies used at her own school and key elements of a trauma informed approach to behaviour management.

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Effective Reading Instruction

There is a significant amount of research on effective reading instruction and this paper references meta-analyses and syntheses conducted in this area to evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches that have been trialled over the past few decades. The paper summarises the research as to why the five key components (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension) of effective reading programs should be taught explicitly, systematically and sequentially. It has specific references to teaching reading to children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

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This is one of the many papers published by the NSW Education Department Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation, which undertakes in depth analysis of education programs to inform evidence-based decision making. The Centre turns data into knowledge, providing information about the effectiveness of different programs and strategies in different contexts – put simply, it seeks to find out what works!

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